Scarborough South Cliff Golf Club

Tour of The Course

The course of the Scarborough South Cliff Golf Club falls into two parts, divided from one another by the main road from Scarborough to Filey. On the seaward side of the road lie the fourth to the tenth holes. On the land-ward side the first three holes and the last seven are laid out along the bottom of a rolling valley stretching southwards into the hills and on the slope of the ridge to the East.

The greatest charm of the course is the glorious situation of the holes on the cliff, looking down on the South Bay and Scarborough Town on the one side and along the bold and rugged coastline towards Filey on the other. But the two parts of the course make a pleasant and piquant contrast and both provide some excellent golf.

The turf, even on the cliffs, is of the down-land rather than the seaside type and provides excellent lies for the fairway wood slots.

A great attraction to visitors is the inspiring view of the shore and sea. There is an exhilarating freshness of the breeze that is never wholly absent on the calmest of days and which at other times can add a new hazard to the testing quality of the course.

Scarborough South Cliff Golf Club
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